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Active-Italia: Oleocanthal is toxic to many cancer cells and causes rapid and extreme loss of cell viability without killing healthy cells

Oleocanthal is toxic to many cancer cells and causes rapid and extreme loss of cell viability without killing healthy cells

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Transient exposure of cancer cells to oleocanthal for one hour resulted in the loss of cell viability after 24 hours.

(…) In addition to looking into the effects of purified oleocanthal, we were very interested to see if oleocanthal in a more natural form can cause a similar outcome.

Since different olive oils are known to have varied oleocanthal concentrations as a function of their origin, harvest time, and processing methods, we examined several olive oils with varied concentrations of oleocanthal from very low to very high.

For our in vitro experiments, we used two EVOOs with average low oleocanthal content and two with very high oleocanthal content (about 5 times the average), and for our negative control we used two oils that contained no measurable oleocanthal.

Upon treatment of cultured cancer cells with oil enriched cell culture media we observed that the concentration of oleocanthal in the oil was directly related to the toxicity of the oils towards cancer cells.

  • The oils with the high oleocanthal content completely killed the cancer cells in a manner similar to purified oleocanthal.
  • The oils with the average oleocanthal content, also reduced viability but to a lesser extent.
  • The non EVOOs with no oleocanthal had no effect on cell viability.. (…)

(-)-Oleocanthal and (-)-oleocanthal-rich olive oils induce lysosomal membrane permeabilization in cancer cells

Source of the Article

Limor Goren,Giorgio Zhang,Susmita Kaushik,Paul AS Breslin,Yi Chieh Nancy Du,David A. Foster


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