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Active-Italia: Hydroxytyrosol as a Component of the Mediterranean Diet and Its Role in Disease Prevention

Hydroxytyrosol as a Component of the Mediterranean Diet and Its Role in Disease Prevention

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Hydroxytyrosol is a polyphenol that forms part of the minor compound fraction of extra virgin olive oil, one of the most important elements in the Mediterranean diet.

(…)Because of the low incidence of different diseases in Mediterranean countries, such as cardiovascular diseases and cancer, plenty of studies have been performed showing which components of this healthy diet are responsible for these beneficial effects, and most of them have reported that hydroxytyrosol is one of these components. Because of the nature of this element, many studies of this isolated component have been performed using different hydroxytyrosol-enriched olive oils.

This research has demonstrated hydroxytyrosol’s potential as an antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and antiatherogenic agent and its role in the prevention of different diseases, together with some other direct activities such as antitumor action or as an inhibitor of the expression of different cellular receptors.

In addition, a relation with the expression of some specific proteins involved in many diseases has been documented in the scientific literature.

Other studies have focused on its antimicrobial and dermatological activities and its importance in healing and epithelization after surgery.

All these findings allow a possible role as a nutraceutical in the prevention and treatment of some pathologies to be postulated.

Source of the Article

Mª del Carmen Ramírez-Tortose, Mario Pulido-Moran, Sergio Granados, José J.Gaforio, José L. Quiles


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