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Active-Italia: Effects of the supplementation with an high-polyphenols extra-virgin olive oil on kinetic sperm features and seminal plasma oxidative status in healthy dogs

Effects of the supplementation with an high-polyphenols extra-virgin olive oil on kinetic sperm features and seminal plasma oxidative status in healthy dogs

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The aim of this work was to evaluate the effects of the supplementation of two extra-virgin olive oils (EVOO) having different polyphenols content, on canine spermatozoa kinetic parameters and seminal plasma oxidative status.

The study was conducted on 12 clinically healthy dogs of different breeds (2–7 years, 5–48 kg of body weight) divided into two groups: an experimental group supplemented with EVOO (Coratina cultivar) high in polyphenols (H-P) and a control group fed EVOO (Cima di Bitonto cultivar) low in polyphenols (L-P). The oil was daily administered per os (1 ml/3 kg BW) before meal. Semen collection was made twice at 15 days distance (D01 and D02) and then at 30 (D30), 60 (D60) and 90 (D90) days. Semen concentration and kinetic parameters were measured using computer-assisted sperm analysis (CASA) system to evaluate: sperm total count, sperm motile (MOT%), progressive motility (PROGR%) and its fractions, straight-line velocity (VSL, μm/s), curvilinear velocity (VCL, μm/s), average path velocity (VAP, μm/s), amplitude of lateral head displacement (ALH, μm), beat cross frequency (BCF, Hz), straightness (STR%) and linearity (LIN%). On seminal plasma, reactive oxygen species (ROS) and biological antioxidant potential (BAP) were tested. From findings, no differences were found for sperm MOT, VSL, VCL, VAP, ALH, BCF, STR, LIN and BAP. A gradual enhancement of PROGR% was observed in H-P group (< .01). The ROS levels were higher in dogs H-P compared to the other group (< .05). In conclusion, our results highlight the positive effects of EVOO polyphenols on sperm PROGR% in healthy dogs.

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Tufarelli V, Rizzo A, Lacalandra GM, Guaricci AC, Laudadio V, Valentini L.


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