From Extra Virgin Olive Oil,
Oleocanthal, Oleacein and CMP

Our expertise lies in extracting polyphenols from extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) for dietary supplements and pharmaceutical applications, ensuring strict quality control from the cultivation of olive trees to the production of CMP (Complex Mixture of Polyphenols), which includes oleacein, oleocanthal, tyrosol, and hydroxytyrosol. Through a meticulous process that oversees every stage of production, we aim to create products that not only enrich the diet but significantly improve health and overall well-being, leveraging the natural power of polyphenols. Our mission is clear: to provide advanced health solutions rich in polyphenols, promoting lasting and meaningful well-being. 

CMP (Complex Mixture of Polyphenols)

Phenolic derivatives are one of the most important compounds that were found in secondary metabolites in plants. They can be utilized in various fields such as antioxidant, antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, antitumor, antiviral, analgesic and antipyretic. The CMP (Complex Mixture of Polyphenols) or total phenolic fraction (TPF) protect cells from oxidative stress due to the strong antioxidant activity of its polyphenols more than each separate compound. 

A Constantly Evolving Research in the Extraction of Phenolic Compounds

Oleocanthal, a Phenolic Derived from Virgin Olive Oil

We combine exclusive processes of extraction, purification and refining, which allow us to obtain extracts with very high concentrations of phenolic compounds.

GREEN TECHNOLOGY for the Isolation and Purification of Oleacein and Oleocanthal

Our method allows the total recovery of CMP from EVOO, in an eco-sustainable way.

Research & Technological Development for a completely “green chemistry”

We work to develop and implement green and sustainable chemistry in new products and processes.

Our strengths

only natural ingredients

We are committed to developing natural and innovative ingredients, providing safe and high quality products and contributing to human health and well-being.


Active Italia uses raw materials of its own production or procures from partners who have a production cycle according to criteria of environmental, social and economic sustainability.

total quality

We believe that the high quality natural ingredients come from the best raw materials and the best quality control in the production process.

The Power
of Nature

the natural pharmaceutical industries.

To date, more than 390,000 plant species are documented worldwide, and botanists are still discovering around 2,000 each year.

Thanks to the progress made in extraction methods, new medicinal properties have been discovered, and the set of active molecules in the plant are being better and better preserved.

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Active Italia
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